Salvini Riccardo


Sezione di Scienze della Terra
Via Laterina 8 - 53100 Siena
Tel. 0577 233929 (int. 3929)


Centro Geotecnologie - S. Giovanni (AR)
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Curriculum vitae and Publications

RESEARCH AREAS - Riccardo Salvini


The following research activities, starting from 1996, mainly concern geological applications of Remote Sensing, Digital Photogrammetry, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Laser Scanning and Geo-monitoring.

- Geologic, geomorphologic survey and mapping (ex. CARG Geological Map of Italy, Sheet 296–Siena, 412–Isola la Maddalena; Marche Region, geologic and geo-thematic cartography and informatics supports at a scale of 1:10,000 for projects devoted to the reconstruction of urban areas after earthquake; geological and geo-thematic cartography supporting High Speed Rail projects Florence-Bologna, Foligno-Fabriano, IT; Afar escarpment, geological map of Dire Dawa area, Ethiopia; geological map of Melka Kunture, Ethiopia; geological map of the Southern Provincia Serrana, Mato Grosso Brasil; geological map of Kusakli-Huyuk, Yozgat-Sorgun, Turkey).

- Rocky slopes stability analysis by kinematics and limit equilibrium Conventional Methods and distinct elements Numerical Methods (ex. Apuan Alps; Northern Apennines; Western Alps; Capri Island, IT).

- Engineering-geological survey (ex. United Arab Emirates; Apuan Alps; Northern Apennines; Western Alps, IT).

- Laser Scanning aimed to the slopes stability analysis (ex. Apuan Alps; Northern Apennines; Western Alps; Capri Island, IT).

- Subsidence phenomena and unstable slopes monitoring through Differential SAR Interferometry (ex. Lucca Plane; Northern Apennines; Amiata Mount, IT).

- GPS and topographic levelling (subsidence in the Lucca Plane and Amiata Mount, IT; Interactions between active tectonic structures and large gravitation phenomena in the Eastern Margin of the African Rift (Lakes Region, Ethiopia); Study of soil recent vertical displacements by means of data from high precision topographic levelling network of Geographical Military Italian Institute.

- Topographic monitoring through automatic total station (ex. Stone extraction quarries, Lucca; Marble extraction quarries, Apuan Alps; natural rocky slopes, Capri Island, IT).

- Soil Erosion: regional dynamics related to land use and agronomic practices changes (ex. Crete Senesi, Siena IT; Pantanal-Chaco, Mato Grosso Brasil).

- Spectral Analysis for polluted sites monitoring (ex. Geothermal resources exploitation in the Amiata Mount; Tuscany Region dumps, IT).

- Geo-archaeology (Archaeological Park of the Early Palaeolithic site of Melka Kunture, Ethiopia; Flint supplies methodologies and circulation in recent Italian prehistory, IT; Sanctuary of Ain Hofra, Cyrenaica, Libya; Hittites site of Kusakli-Huyuk, Sorgun West-Yozgat, Turkey).