Petrology and Vulcanology

Research lines
linee di ricerca
  • Kinetics experiments on the crystallization processes in silicate melts; 
  • Magma rheology at high temperature, pressure and different stress rate; 
  • Volatile solubility  (H2O, CO2, S, Cl, F) in magmas;
  • Major and trace element diffusion processes in magmas;
  • Study of magmatic activity on extraterrestrial planets and related implications in terms of planetary differentiation processes.
University of Hannover,Germany
University of Perugia, Italy
University of Chieti, Italy
INGV Roma, Italy
University KU Leuven, Belgium
Institut de Physique du Globe, France
University of Geneva, Swiss;
University of Roma 1, Italy
University of Trento, Italy
University of Verona, Italy
On-Going projects
progetti di ricerca
  • F-CUR UNISI-2022 Cinetiche di cRistallizzazionE nei mAgMI - CREAMI
  • Magrini Claudia
  • Vetrano Andrea