The PhD course is based at the Department of Physical, Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Siena. 


The rules for PhD courses, forms, calls and general information on how to access to the PhD courses are available on website: Admission to the PhD is done by public selection: an oral exam, which consists in the presentation and discussion of a research project (with program objectives and guidelines for the three years) included in the aims of the PhD course and the verification of English language knowledge. The PhD faculty Board assigns to every PhD student at least one supervisor who will assist him/her during the course. 


The bodies of the PhD course are the Faculty board and the Coordinator. The Faculty board is responsible for the design and implementation of the course and is made ​​up of professors and researchers of the University of Siena and by professors and researchers of Italian and foreign universities and public research institutions. The Coordinator is elected by the Faculty board and is responsible for organizing training and administrative activities, authorizes PhD students to carry out teaching and research activities in Italy and abroad and performs the functions delegated to him by the Faculty board. 


At the end of each year students must submit a research and training activity report (countersigned by the supervisor) and support a public discussion on the most relevant aspects of the work performed, the results achieved and the program guidelines for the activities of the next year. The transition from one academic year to the next is based on the judgment of the Faculty board in relation to the research activities and the participation of the PhD students to education and training activities. The Board proposes each year cycles of seminars and short theoretical and practical courses taught by experts to which PhD students have to participate. The training activities are registered in the students' personal handbook. 


Some months (preferably 6) before the end of the course, with the approval of the supervisor, PhD students present to the Faculty board a formal application for admission to the final examination together with a final report on the activities carried out and a draft of the thesis (in Italian or English, other languages ​​require an authorization by the Faculty board) for a preliminary assessment by a member of the Board. The final examination committee is appointed by the Rector upon proposal of the Faculty board and is made up of at least 3 members, of whom at least two shall not be part of the Faculty board and must belong to Italian or foreign universities, the University of Siena excluded. 


In the case of PhD programs in co-supervision within the framework of international agreements, the composition of the committee and the final examination modalities are outlined in the relevant agreements.