Research topics
Electron diffraction pattern of polygonal serpentine
  • Micro and nanostructural determinations of geological, environmental, synthetic and archaeological materials by high-resolution and analytical transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM e AEM).
  • Serpentine group mineralogy and serpentinitic rocks.
  • Fault rocks: mineralogy, reactions and deformation mechanisms.
  • Solid-state chemistry, crystallography, advanced ceramic materials, semipermeabile films, chemical detectors, solid electrolytes
  • Electron diffraction tomography and crystallographic characterization of nanophases.

British Museum Natural History, UK

Durham University UK

INGV Roma, Italia

JAMSTEC Institute Japan

Penn State University USA

Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

Università di Granada, Spagna

Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet Mainz, Germany

IIT @ NEST Pisa, Italy

On-going projects
An ancient nanomaterial: lustre decoration with Cu nanocrystals within silica-rich glass
  • FIR2013: Exploring the Nanoworld: Electron Diffraction Tomography and Isotopic Analysis for the Characterization of Nanocrystalline Geological, Extraterrestrial and Synthetic Phases.
  • Partnership with GLASS project (InteGrated Laboratories to investigate the mechanics of ASeismic vs. Seismic faulting), Seventh Framework Program IDEAS ERC Starting Grant 2011.
  • PRIN 2009-2010 “Structures, microstructures and properties of minerals”.