Petrography and Petrology

Research lines
Antartide - Esplorazione geologica con elicottero ai piedi del Mt Queensland (Victoria Land - Antartide)


  • Geological and petrological studies of the geodinamic evolution recorded in crystalline basements.

The study regions are in Antarctica (various areas), Australia (South Australia, Victoria), Tanzania (Kiborian Mountains), Western Alps, Sardinia and Arctic (New Siberian Islands, Svalbard). The research includes regional petrographic and petrological studies aimed at the reconstruction of the P-T-time trajectories and the relationships between metamorphism and intrusive igneous associations in the major crustal units in the Precambrian cratons (Tanzania Craton, Gawler Craton, East Antarctic Craton) and in tectonic units in orogenic belts of different ages also including metamorphic rocks of ultra-high pressure or temperature (Novosibirsk-Chukotka Orogen, East African Orogen, Ross Orogen, Delamerian Orogen, Variscan Orogen, Alpine Orogen).


  • Petrological research on metamorphic rocks of high and ultra-high pressure or temperature.

This study is aimed at better understanding of the tectonic and metamorphic processes that occur in subduction zones and orogenic wedges. It is developed in various regions of the supercontinent Gondwana (Australia, Tanzania, Antarctica) and in the Hercynian and Alpine orogens in Europe.


  • Petrological and geochemical research on magmatic processes.

These investigations are conducted in study areas in the Mediterranean region (effusive and intrusives igneous products, Miocene to Recent in age; igneous complexes associated to the Hercynian basement in the Sardinia-Corsica block) and in several igneous provinces, Recent to Precambrian in age, in Antarctica.


  • Petrological and provenance studies of siliciclastic successions for paleogeographic and paleoclimatic reconstructions.

Studies are underway to explore the Cenozoic glaciomarine sequences in the Ross Sea (Antarctica) and siliciclastic successions and siliciclastic successions, Paleozoic to Cenozoic in age, in the Arctic (New Siberian Islands, Svalbard) and in Antarctica (Victoria Land). Through an integrated approach with petrographic, sedimentological and geochronological, this research is aimed at the use of petrography-based indicators in sandstone to coarser clastics as proxies of paleo-environmental changes and interactions between climate and tectonics on lithosphere-cryosphere-hydrosphere systems during critical paleoclimatic events.


  • Applied petrographical studies focused on the geo-petrographycal characterization of industrial rocks.

The research, conducted in the context of specific cooperation agreements with companies in the sector, is aimed at finding an characterizing new deposits of rocks of industrial interest, and at the study of the qualitative requirements of the raw materials used in the field of quicklime and ceramic industries.

Siberia - Sezione di arenarie e livelli di carbone lungo la costa meridionale della Novaja Sibir (New Siberian Islands)
  • INGV Roma, Italy
  • INGV Pisa, Italy
  • BGR Hannover, Germany
  • AWI Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Università di Padova, Italy
  • Università di Roma Tre, Italy
  • IGG-CNR Pisa, Italy
  • Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Université Paris Diderot, France
  • Universität Bremen, Germany
  • Universität Göttingen, Germany
  • Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • University of OtagoDunedinNew Zealand
  • GNS Wellington, New Zealand
  • Lincoln-Nebraska University, USA
  • Northern Illinois University, USA
  • Arizona State University, Tempe, USA
  • UNICALCE S.p.A., Lecco, Italy
On-Going projects
Siberia - Affioramento di arenarie e argilliti interstratificate nella Bennett Island (New Siberian Islands)
  • PNRA 2013-2015 “Climate and tectonic forcings on sedimen dispersal in the West Antarctic Rift System in south Victoria Land: a source-to-sink, multi-proxy provenance study”
  • PNRA 2009-2011 “CLImate-TEctonics Interactions along the TransAntarctic Mountains front (CLITEITAM)
  • PRIN 2008-2011 Cryosphere-Lithosphere Interactions as result of CLImate and Tectonic forcings (CLICLIT)
  • PNRA 2003-2011 “Provenance study of the gravel fraction in ANDRILL cores: implications for glacial reconstructions and climate-tectonic interactions in the Ross Sea in the frame of the ANDRILL program
  • Ricci Carlo Alberto 
  • Ghezzo Claudio (Professor Emeritus)
  • Giorgetti Giovanna  (Technician)
  • Palmeri Rosaria (Technician, Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide)
  • Sandroni Sonia (Technician, Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide)
  • Casagli Alessio (Fellow, Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide)
  • Pace Donato (Fellow, Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide)
  • Perotti Matteo (Fellow)