Fratoni Giulia

Curriculum vitae and publications

Giulia Fratoni is a Postdoc Research Fellow at the University of Bologna, Industrial Engineering Department (DIN), Applied Physics Research Group. Her main research interests are room acoustics, numerical models, speech intelligibility, metamaterials, and overall acoustic comfort in everyday-life rooms. With a degree in Building Engineering and Architecture, Dr Giulia Fratoni’s background lies at the intersection of the technical-scientific sphere and the human-centred architectural approach. Her PhD work explored the advantages and disadvantages of various algorithms for acoustic simulations (GA, FEM, BEM, FDTD, FVTD), with a special focus on the input data assigned to the boundaries. Different exchanges with European Universities – included the University of Edinburgh and the TU Delft University of Technology - confirm her ability to cooperate with internationals subjects constructively. She has been involved in several innovative academic research projects, publishing her work through several conferences and journal papers. She is the winner of the Best Poster Award at the Symposium ''The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres'' held in Verona in 2022 and she is the chairwoman of the "Accuracy in room acoustic modeling" session at the Forum Acusticum International Conference held in Turin in 2023.