Viti Marcello

Marcello Viti

Sezione di Scienze della Terra
Via Laterina 8 - 53100 Siena
Tel. 0577 233826 (int. 3826)


Curriculum Vitae and Publications

Research work mainly concerns deformation processes related to plate tectonics and their effects on seismic activity. Specific issues are the geodynamics of the Mediterranean region (cenozoic evolution and plate kinematics); seismicity of the Italian region and the role of post-seismic relaxation phenomena; numerical modelling of tectonic processes; reconstruction of active deformation and stress regimes by seismological and tectonic data; interpretation of space geodesy measurements (mainly GPS data); rheology of the lithosphere and estimate of tectonic forces; subduction processes and generation of back arc-arc-trench systems in the world.