Determination of physical property Lab

Lab Det Caratteristiche fisiche 1

The lab is equipped for the determination of some physical properties of rocks (unaltered and altered) and for the study of the performances of water-repellent products applied on stone materials specimens to be used in monuments.

The analyses are carried out on both microsamples taken from real case studies after microdrilling and quarried materials.

The analytical equipment is composed by the following instruments and devices: thermostatic oven with air circulation system (G-Therm 35 LT), vacuum desiccators, electronic analytical balance (Gibertini E/42), hydrostatic balance (Mettler Toledo AX 204), plexiglas containers with aerated covers, plexiglas pipettes, cells with sealing covers, colorimeter (Minolta CR200), thermo-hygrometers (Datalogger).

The following determinations are carried out: constant mass UNI 10921:2001, capillary water absorption UNI 10859:2000, water absorption under low pressure NORMAL 44/93, water absorption after total immersion NORMAL 7/81, Drying Index NORMAL 29/88, water vapor permeability NORMAL 21/85, colorimetric measurements NORMAL 43/93, thermo-hygrometric monitoring UNI 10969:2002  UNI 11120:2004.

Lead scientist
  • Scala Andrea