Physical Geography and Geomorphology

Neotectonics, Seismic hazard and risk

Geomorphological analisys and Quaternary Geology focused on tectonically active areas and associated seismic hazard. Relationships between surface faulting, large landslides, DSGM and slope modelling. Seismic Microzoning studies.


Central-Northern Apennines, Italy

Ethiopian Rift, Afar, Ethiopia, Africa

Geomorphological survey and mapping

Small and large scale survey and mapping for land and geomorphological hazards management. Past and present-day landscape evolution.


Tuscany Region

Siena Province

Tuscan Islands

Northern Apennines (Apuane Alps, Lunigiana, Serchio Valley)

Marche Region

Umbria Region

Basilicata Region

Sardegna Region

Trentino Alto Adige

Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia)

South America (Bolivia, Ecuador)

Geomorphological Hazards

Multitemporal analysis of gravitational, fluvial and coastal dynamics; optical and GPS Monitoring of large landslide; Deep Seated Gravity Movements


Amiata Mt., Northern Apennines

Apennines, Eastern Alps, Ecuador

Rivers in Tuscany and Marche Regions: Arbia, Staggia, Ombrone, Esino, Aspio, Tronto, Musone, Misa

Coasts of Southern Tuscany and Marche

Geological and Quaternary Geology survey and mapping

Survey and Mapping of marine and continental successions; sedimentology, facies analysis, paleopedology.

CARG Projects (1:50.000 scale geological map of Italy): Abruzzo, Marche, Lazio, Umbria, Sardinia, Tuscany.



Geomorphological and geological analysis, sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleopedology, soils and sediments micromorphology, site formation processes, paleoenvironments.


Eastern Alps, Tuscany, Marche, Molise, Puglia, Ethiopia, Bolivia.

Quaternary Geology and Stratigraphy of continental and marine successions

Morpho-, Litho- and Pedo-stratigraphy, soil micromorphology, Pleistocene and Holocene environmental and climatic changes.


South America: Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina

Northern and Southern Apennines


Southern Russia

Soils and Geomorphology

Geomorphological and pedological analysis devoted to soil characterization and distribution in mountain ranges. Soil and land use, biodiversity, low impact agriculture.


Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Databases design and implementation, spatial analysis and thematic mapping. GIS software geological and geomorphological applications.






  • Firuzabadì Dario
  • Tognaccini Sofia (PhD Student)