PhD Experimental Physics - Admission

Admission to the Doctoral Schools is open to candidates of any age and citizenship in possession of an Italian "Laurea Diploma" issued in accordance with the university regulations preceding the Ministerial Decree n. 509/99 or a "Specialist Degree" issued pursuant to Ministerial Decree n. 509/99 or a "Laurea Magistrale" issued pursuant to Ministerial Decree n. 270/04 (see "Participation requirements" indicated for each school).
An equivalent foreign qualification of duration and content that has been previously recognized by the competent Academic Bodies of an Italian University, including diplomas awarded within the framework of inter-university cooperation and mobility programmes.
In the case of foreign degrees, instead of the date of graduation, the candidate must indicate when and with which Italian university the qualification was recognized as equivalent to an Italian diploma. When a successful candidate wishes to enroll, if the recognition of a degree has not been officially confirmed, a special commission appointed by the Academic Board will decide on the recognition of the degree, with specific reference to admission to the course.
Applicants must pass a selection, by a committee appointed by the Doctoral School, based on an evaluation of the CV, reference letters and scientific activity including published (or accepted for publication) papers in international physics journals.
Applicants must provide the following information: curriculum vitae; two letters of introduction; a copy of the thesis discussed in order to obtain a degree in Physics or an equivalent qualification; a brief written description of the candidate's activity during the preparation of the thesis; list of exams (with grades) passed as a university student; a brief written description of the candidate's research interests and possible future research goals.