PhD Experimental Physics - Research

The research activity of the Physics Department covers the following major classes:
High Energy Physics: study of the Structure of Matter at the level of Fundamental Interactions;

Physics of High Energy Astroparticles: study of charged and neutral radiation from space;

Atomic and Molecular Physics: Study of the Structure of Matter;

  • FR-MOT Francium magneto-optical trap
  • COSMA Atomic magnetometer
  • PLS Pulsed laser deposition of thin film fluorides for microlaser applications
  • LIAD Light-induced atomic desorption
  • Coherent control of laser pulse propagation

Instrumentation for physics experiments in space or in a hot air balloon;

  • MATRIX Research and development for a pixelated silicon array to identify cosmic nuclei
  • SPIDER R&D for sensors with Silicon-PMT reading
  • Silicon strip sensors for Silicon-Tungsten calorimetry

Advanced instrumentation in medical physics;

  • Digital mammography

Physics of complex systems