X-ray diffraction for Cultural Heritage Conservation Lab

Lab Diffr X Cons Beni Culturali 1

This laboratory holds a powder x-ray diffractometer with Bragg-Brentano geometry (Philips X’Pert PRO PW 3040/60 with X’Celerator PW 3015 detector) equipped with a multiple purpose sample stage (MPSS) for massive specimens, mono-capillary collimator tube, rotating sample mounting device and an optical microscope for sample positioning. This instrument allows investigating very small samples and/or elliptical areas with minor axis lenght of 100 µm.

X-ray diffraction allows high-quality phase identification and quantification of polycrystalline materials. You can also perform other analysis, like, for example, determination of the crystal structure and measurement of thickness and quality of thin film structures.

Mineralogical analyses carried out in the lab are mainly addressed to research topics dealing with Cultural Heritage Conservation and Archaeometry. Samples to be analysed consist of powders, fragments and microfragments, thin sections and small objects (10 x 10 cm). The materials investigated are rocks (unaltered and altered), artificial stone materials (mortars, premixed materials, ceramics, bricks), inorganic pigments, alloys, metals and their alteration patinas, glasses, soils and so on.

Lead scientist
  • Scala Andrea