PhD in Environmental, geological and polar sciences and technologies

The problems associated with the management of natural resources, the impact of their use, natural hazards and environmental and climatic changes require a comprehensive approach to the phenomena and processes. The PhD course in environmental, geological and polar sciences and technologies a strong interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary connections (disciplinary sectors of Italian CUN areas 03, 04, 05 & 07) and aims to provide a post-graduate training in basic and applied high-level research, aimed at the study of the functioning and interactions between the different compartments of the Earth, which are synthesized in the so-called Earth System Science. For the realization of their experimental research projects students have access to the scientific expertise and equipment in the Department of Physical, Earth and Environmental Sciences, the Center for Geotechnology, the Italian National Antarctic Museum and various Italian and foreign universities and research centers and laboratories. Inspired by the European Charter for Researchers, this PhD course aims to contribute to the realization of the European Higher Education and Research Area, forming highly qualified researchers, able to operate independently in university laboratories and public and private research centers. With the knowledge acquired during the three-year period, PhD students can cooperate in agencies for land protection and management, in industries or companies that provide geotechnical and geophysical surveys, modeling and environmental monitoring within the ambit of EIA procedures and remediation of contaminated sites.